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Getting Out of a Shoe-Rut

Do you ever find yourself in a shoe-rut? You've been wearing the same one, or two, or three pairs of shoes on rotation for years and years, until the soles are flopping off, or they get so dirty they are relegated to lawn-mowers or lake shoes. Sometimes you see shoes in ads, or at the store, and you think "Those look nice. I wonder what they feel like?" But life has a way of getting in front of trying on new shoes, since you know your standbys have never let you down...

For most of my life, I have strictly worn running shoes in an effort to try to ease the stress on my feet. After a 20 year career spent standing up for 60-75 hours per week, my feet are not what they were on the high school football field, or basketball court, or baseball diamond. It took a while, but I now know the value of a shoe that can support my arch and ankles, all the way up through the spine--and running shoes are a reliable choice for longevity and multi-use. That said, over the last few weeks, the Chukka Driving Moc has been calling out to me. It's been a very long time since I've had a reason to really try on that different pair of shoes, and I want you all to know I'm willing to take the chance on your behalf!

Over the last year, Walt's has increased our inventory selection of Twisted X Brand shoes from 1 to 32 styles. This brand's focus on creating comfortable shoes and giving back to good causes has helped us feel comfortable in knowing we are providing great footwear for our customers from companies that are doing more good than just increasing profit shares. If you are looking for a new casual shoe that prioritizes comfort without sacrificing style--and if you are ready to try something new on for a change--come and see what we have in stock! The slip- and oil-resistant sole can handle a variety of working conditions, but the ankle-boot shape in dark neutral tones could easily be brushed off and worn to church. We have womens styles too for all you working and/or church-going types! Between our two stores, we have a decent collection for you to peruse. But, if you dont see your size or favorite style, let us know and we will do all we can to get it! And, word to the wise: you might need to size down when giving Chukkas a go, unless you plan on supplementing with a thick insole.

As of posting this, I have been wearing my Driving Mocs at work for just over a week. While they don't have the built-in 2-inch cloud-insole of my reliable sneakers, they do offer quite a bit of support and feel just as comfortable on my feet as any other casual shoe I have ever owned. Give me a couple weeks to break them in and I will follow-up with an update on how my feet--and the shoes themselves--have fared. This might sound facetious coming from Scott Mackey, but I'm honest when I say I am excited to have something a little more stylish in my shoe collection than a bunch of worn-out running shoes! **Note from the editor, a close relation: Now we just need to get him out of the same 4 t-shirts and 2 pairs of cargo shorts he's been wearing for three years.