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We're Crazy About Socks

Are you crazy about socks? Are you a collector? Do you pride yourself on having a stockpile of certain styles, for certain shoes, or certain weather? If you answered 'yes' to these questions, you are probably some kind of nerd. Congratulations.

The rest of us know that socks are... Socks. The Father's Day Gift of the Century. The least exciting item on the back-to-school list, beating out rubber erasers and facial tissue. Until recently, my sock drawer was the home to 10-ish pairs of pretty old ankle-cut athletic socks, and 10-ish pairs of pretty old dress socks. Like most dads, I experienced a sudden burst of color in that drawer for a few years when novelty socks became the rage. But despite their brightness, the thin cotton-poly blend was not built for longevity. And thus even the most exciting socks were quickly laid to rest in the kitchen trash bin.

Since working at Walt's, my eyes have been opened to people who swear by certain types of socks. We sell a lot of Merino wool socks, a favorite among steel-toe boot owners. Merino wool is moisture-wicking, temperature-regulating, odor-resistant and breathable--ideal for all-day wear. Despite their popularity, I doubted their comfort. I have no fond memories of wool, no thanks to my dad’s heavy, rough wool army blanket that was still used by my family over 20 years after he left the armed forces. The good news is that Merino wool is not like that steely wool I grew up with. Merino wool is soft and very light. It also has a natural elastic quality that lends to socks keeping their shape--this means they won't shimmy down into the toe of your shoes after one, or two, or even ten hours.

Since I recently started wearing a new style of shoes (did you read that post? I consider myself pretty transparent in the matter of my wardrobe) I decided to try some of our Darn Tough Merino wool socks. I have been very impressed! Remarkably, my feel did not sweat or feel damp in the socks, which I was sure would be an issue. In fact, they still felt fresh at the end of the day. I didn’t have sock lines on my feet with I normally get – especially around my ankles with low-cut athletic socks. I have already grabbed another pair to add to my revolutionized sock schedule.

Online and in our stores, we sell Darn Tough socks in Men's sizes Medium, Large and Extra Large and Women's sizes Small, Medium and Large. Whether or not you are a sock nerd, your feet will thank you for trying these out! Not to mention they are guaranteed for life! Buy a pair of Darn tough sock and if they wear out Darn Tough will replace them for free! You can either bring them back to us or contact Darn Tough yourself and you will get your replacements no questions asked! Who can beat that? Come on and try a pair for yourself today.